M -sphere is designed for organizations that work for their members and their core business is borrowing and lending money between their members.

Such companies include: Credit Cooperative Society, Nidhi Company and Producer Company. M Sphere as a software solution manages all dimensions of the members like their contribution, their loans/advances and also records the growth of members in terms of interest on contribution and loan. It records all the activities of the members till they are associated with the organization. M- Sphere takes care of all types of transaction securities by biometric registration system ensuring the members about their financial safety.

M-Sphere includes 4 types of different software, such as: Credit Cooperative Society, Nidhi Company, Producer Company and Loan Software.

Credit Cooperative Society Software

Mutual Benefit Nidhi Software

Agro Producer Software


Aadhar Verification

M-Sphere is integrated with the Aadhar Verification System which reduces KYC risk of members by automated process of verification by Aadhar Card Number.


M-Sphere is loaded with latest technologies like Geo Tagging which provides the real time status of particular data in the form of where it is, as it is by recording the particular location longitude and latitude data.

M-Sphere Mobile Application

M-Sphere Mobile app allows you to operate your software at any point of time through your mobile phone motivating its associates to improve their performance by real time growth achievement. You can access all the software features through this one app.

How is M-Sphere different?

M- Sphere calculates all types of incentives and generates all types of voucher related to its associate members who work with the organization and give their hundred percent in organizational growth.

  • Real time reporting platform
  • Mobile application based operation
  • Member centric architecture
  • 24X7 uptime performance
  • Multi product clustered configuration
  • Geo-tagging
  • Aadhar Verification Enable System
  • Auto interest calculation
  • On the go business management
  • Integrated account system
  • Member activity tracking
  • Data analysis report
  • Employee payroll systems

M- Sphere has an analytical dashboard which shows Real Time statistics for all major points like business, member’s growth, associate members, expected business and calendar etc for target and other activities. M-sphere is a core banking solution which runs in real time and manages all the zones, regions, branches, centers and much more on the go.

M- Sphere mobile app puts member’s priority first and keeps them up to date on their savings account, loans, contribution growth and maturity. It has an extendible feature like mobile recharge, bill payment, air ticket, hotel booking and others by saving account and it makes member more actively involved with the organization.

M-Sphere’s soul is its Finance and Account System; it is integrated with all the financial and accounting principles and is an automated process which maintains the ledger, trial balance and balance sheet for each and every transaction.

M-sphere is integrated with HRMS, CRM, Accounts, MIS, Inventory and all others modules which drives a member’s organization. So we call it the Sphere of Members who are united and are working towards a common goal.

M-Sphere Mobile Application makes it more robust by letting you manage all this on the go!

M-Sphere Application could be used by managers, associates and members 24X7 making your organization stand out from your competitors. It is user friendly and transparent at each and every step.

Select Your Package

M-Sphere Startup
M-Sphere ERP
  • Custmization on approval * Customization will be subject to the flexibility of software application
  • Quarterly Payment 50,000/-
  • Renewal 20,000 /qr & 60,000 /yr
  • Free Support 10hr. / pm
M-Sphere Customized
As per system requirement specification
  • Custmization
  • Month-wise payment
  • Renewal
  • Free Support
Will submitted after analysis


  • A complete all in one solution
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Online customers support and services
  • Integrated accounting transactions
  • Multidimensional reporting capabilities
  • A complete mobile application
  • Additional services such as, tax preparation and processing, payrolls, CRM support, etc.